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Launched in Norway in 2011, SalesScreen is now used by thousands of teams all around the world. We are on a mission to help our customers improve sales performance and build happier workplaces. Our purpose is to empower sales teams to unleash their full potential, and we need your help to do that!


Are you talent driven, brave, dedicated and playful? If so; you might be the person we need. We are a young and talented company in a fast-growing phase. If you are looking for a company that has a strong company culture that is human, inclusive and friendly; we might be the company for you. 

“We play hard, but we work much harder”

Our ambition is to become the #1 software for any sales team worldwide. Have you got what it takes to join our team?


What we're about

The success of every company is a result of their combined talent. Even the leading products and services fall short if the people behind can’t perform at their very best. That is why we created SalesScreen. A tool that makes every employee utilize their talent and perform at the top of their potential.

Being a successful seller is the most difficult job in the world. Behind every sale you’ll find hours of hard work, rejections and sometimes loss of motivation. But being a great salesperson is not a defined skill you are born with. It is something that can be learned. Whether they are an experienced seller or in the early hours of their career.

SalesScreen is becoming the number one sales-tool for companies depending on successful sellers. We make the process of selling into a team effort, combining individual motivational instruments with cultural aspects and a winning mentality.  In short, we have transformed the challenging work of sales into a professional, motivating and exiting game. A game where all your employees will have fun whilst competing amongst each other for the top-position!

Our purpose: To empower sales teams to unleash their full potential.

Become the #1 software for any sales team worldwide

We will empower you to do the best work of your life.

We will empower your team to perform at their very best. 

We will be the success story you'll be talking about for years to come.

We will make people happier and more successful at their jobs.

Unleashing Talent

Ferjemannsveien 4
7042 Trondheim Directions


Daalwijkdreef 47
1103 AD Amsterdam Directions


Östra Hamngatan 16
41106 Gothenburg Directions

New York

175 Pearl St
10005 Brooklyn Directions


Karl Johans gate 13
0154 Oslo Directions


128 Prinsep St
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Arenavägen 41
121 77 Johanneshov Directions


Our company is built on the following four core values. They are the guiding principles on how we work together, how we recruit new team members and how we serve our customers

Talent driven
At SalesScreen it´s not about how much you know, but your ability and willingness to learn. We have built our company on attracting the best talent of our industry. And our products caters to the unfulfilled talent of our customers workforce. As long as you have enough talent, nothing can stop you from reaching your goals!
We are competing in one of the most competitive industries of the world. And to survive, we have to constantly grow, take chances and improve. Going into new markets, and taking on the titans of our industry, demands great bravery. Being brave alone is difficult. Being brave together is how we will conquer the world.
From the very first day we founded the company, it has been long days and hard work. We started out whilst still being students, fueling the company with billable hours operating as consultants. This work ethic is still the backbone of our company. We will become number one, not just because our great products and talents, but because we will work harder than any of our competitors.
The road to the top of our industry will be long and challenging. We expect great things from every single team member. But this journey will be just as much fun as it is going to be hard. We will take our own medicine and add loads of playfulness into our daily work life. Because great things can only come from a happy and united group of co-workers.

Our History

Because SalesScreen wasn't built in one day

Dogu is founded

Dogu (an acronym for Data & Development in norwegian) was founded by Sindre Haaland when still a 3rd year student at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

Our first consultancy projects

There was no genius product idea so Dogu started as consultancy company developing web and mobile applications for Norwegian companies.

Our first SaaS product

A weekend project turned into our first product: "Company Messenger"

SalesScreen is launched

Based on the feedback of many companies, we built and launched the first version of SalesScreen.

Passed $1M in revenues

Thanks to the success of SalesScreen, we passed $1M in revenues and opened our 2nd office in Oslo.

SalesScreen USA is started

We launched a subsidiary company in San Diego, California to test SalesScreen on the American market.

SalesScreen Europe is started

We launched a subsidiary company in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

SalesScreen Sweden is started

We launched a subsidiary company in Stockholm and Gothenburg, Sweden.

$3M raised from Spring Capital Polaris

For the first time in our history, we raised capital to make SalesScreen the number 1 software for sales teams worldwide.

San Diego office moved to New York

Our US office is now in New York. 

SalesScreen Singapore is started

We launched a subsidiary company in Singapore to test SalesScreen on the Asian market

What's next?

Stay tuned for new adventures


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