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What we're about


Our company is built on the following four core values. They are the guiding principles on how we work together, how we recruit new team members and how we serve our customers

  • Talent driven

    At SalesScreen it´s not about how much you know, but your ability and willingness to learn. We have built our company on attracting the best talent of our industry. And our products caters to the unfulfilled talent of our customers workforce. As long as you have enough talent, nothing can stop you from reaching your goals!

  • Brave

    We are competing in one of the most competitive industries of the world. And to survive, we have to constantly grow, take chances and improve. Going into new markets, and taking on the titans of our industry, demands great bravery. Being brave alone is difficult. Being brave together is how we will conquer the world.

  • Dedicated

    From the very first day we founded the company, it has been long days and hard work. We started out whilst still being students, fueling the company with billable hours operating as consultants. This work ethic is still the backbone of our company. We will become number one, not just because our great products and talents, but because we will work harder than any of our competitors.

  • Playful

    The road to the top of our industry will be long and challenging. We expect great things from every single team member. But this journey will be just as much fun as it is going to be hard. We will take our own medicine and add loads of playfulness into our daily work life. Because great things can only come from a happy and united group of co-workers.

Why we love working at SalesScreen

  • My favorite part about SalesScreen is that I clearly get to see and understand what my teammates do, and how their day to day efforts contribute to the company as a whole. That way we all get to catch them red-handed in doing a good job. Fun fact: As openminded as I am in general, I am super picky with food. In my opinion coriander should be banned from all food forever

    Tapi "King of Wakanda" Roll

    Director Sales Development - EMEA

  • One of my favourite things about working at SalesScreen is how everyone can be a part of and influence the product development process. I have been a part of the company since the start, and in the early days of SalesScreen we once sat 3 people next to each other at the same desk. Fun fact: I never have more than 10 tabs open at the same time in my browser

    Lars "Layz" Høysæter

    Senior Software Engineer

  • I love working in a startup because of the energy and our tempo, It's always growing and expanding. Every day is different and challenge me in a new way. It’s never boring and it drives me to learn more and be better every day. Fun fact: I have a Pepsi max problem, I have a bottle with me everywhere I go.

    Sabina "Sabbatoch" Lepistö

    Customer Success Specialist

  • As a fitness nut, I’m very familiar with the leaderboards in Peloton, SoulCycle, Equinox and Flywheel classes. And how they inspire healthy competition by visualizing results in real time, bringing everyone in the class together against the goal, and making the class more fun. SalesScreen’s platform uses the same concepts, to help companies shift their sales culture from reactive to proactive. Set any goal you want to achieve in a company, and like the leaderboard it inspires real results. Fun fact: I am a music fanatic and have been to hundreds of concerts with all types of music. From music festivals in Europe, to Coachella and Jazz fest in New Orleans, to a Beck concert in a cathedral on the Lower East side, to Nas and Jay-Z, to moshing with Black Flag way, way back when.

    Frank "Frank the tank" Matticola

    Chief Revenue Officer

  • As a millennial, I love that I receive constant feedback and recognition from my colleagues, both via the SalesScreen feed and face to face. As well as this, I feel like my ideas are valued and actioned upon. Fun fact: I got to the top of Kilimanjaro in 2013

    Henry "Harry" Hindess

    Sales Development Representative

  • I love working in SalesScreen because of our unique culture, the high pace and the dedication our employees have. Everyones voice is heard and we are able to adapt quickly to whatever the world brings. Fun fact: I'm super afraid of seagulls and pigeons. I will scream if they come to close

    Emilie "Emmi" Anderssen

    VP People Operations